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#601 INTL - Destabilization of Bosnia-Herzegovina


No. 601

March 23, 2009



2. Former Bill Clinton's envoy Richard Holbrook Promised Immunity to Bucher from Bosnia

3. Brcko Amendment is a Reward for Genocide

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Mr. Raffi Gregorian is pushing hard for BiH Parliament to accept the Brcko amendment in order to ratify the never previously (in BiH Parliament) ratified Dayton Constitution by going around the legal procedure of ratifying the Dayton constitution. Instead, adding and accepting the Brcko amendment in BiH Parliament will as a result have BiH Parliament's ratification of the entire Dayton constitution plus the voted amendment. Therefore amending the Dayton Constitution is the legal equivalent of ratifying the Dayton constitution, the true end goal. There is much opposition from much of civil society to the Brcko amendment and the act of amending (ratifying) the Dayton constitution. Furthermore yesterday while speaking in BiH Parliament, Mr. Gregorian has warned and threatened to label both political and civil society's opposition to the Brcko amendment as anti-Dayton accord activity.

Consequence 1:

If amended, the Dayton peace agreement and an annex 4 (constitution), that is now property of international community, will become a property of BiH citizens with all the ethnic borders, apart hade, violation of human rights etc.

Consequence 2:

The Dayton peace agreement entity (Republic Srpska) gets it's legal base ( con-federal position like BiH had in ex Yugoslavian constitution) accepted by the "free will" of it's victims (of genocide), and the right to declare legal dissolution and join Serbia, therefore forming the greater Serbia. However in the current state, it would be non-legal separation since Republic Srpska (jet) has no legal base as the Dayton constitution was not ratified yet by BiH Parliament) and legaly Republic BiH has it's legal continuity (was only suspended in peace accord but not terminated.

Consequence 3:

No outside power, neither US nor UN will not be allowed to help Bosnia or control greater Serbia project in future because UN Charter forbids any outside party to interfere in internal (constitutional) affairs.

Worst consequence:

Possibility of war in near future breaking out between Croats and Bosniaks for the remaining territory (entity Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina).

Musadik Borogovac- Sarajevo
Expert member of RBiH negotiating team in Geneva, January 1993


2. Bill Clinton's envoy Richard Holbrook Rewarded Genocide and Promised Immunity to Bucher from Bosnia


3. Brcko Amendment is a Reward for Genocide

Ed Vulliamy, a reporter of Guardian, is one of the first who documented the truth about Serbian concentration camps in Bosnia.


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