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#642 INTL - Real controversy needs to be discovered yet‏

National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina


No. 642

November 28, 2009


1. Chomsky's controversy continues

2. Real controversy needs to be discovered yet

2.1 What about responsibility of the Bosnian government?

2.2 Why the main organizers of genocide refuse to have defenders in Hague

3. Removing the "genocide denier" entry from resume

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1. Chomsky's controversy continues

The Chomsky controversy is continuing. Noam Chomsky's associates Ed Herman and David Peterson have published an open letter to Amnesty International at Media Lens in which they reply to Ed Vulliamy's open letter.

We received many replies in our mailbox, some of them very good but unfortunately very long for a newsletter format that goes on thousands of addresses and creates problems to providers if it is long. One such letter came from editor of the “Srebrenica genocide” web page where he quotes some judgments of ICTY and World Court confirming that genocide was indeed perpetrated in Bosnia.

Some nice replies to Ed Herman and David Peterson can be found on the blog of Samaha Imamovic

We are posting here only two articles regarding the issue that were not posted on Samaha's blog. Everybody can follow links to read other articles.



2. Real controversy needs to be discovered yet

The above discussions on the Samaha's blog are not complete without some knowledge of the big picture. I think the West cannot be blamed for not doing anything to help Bosnia, as it has become the stereotype now.

2.1 What about responsibility of the Bosnian government?

The genocide in 1992 prompted UN Security Council to issue a number of resolutions (e.g. Resolution 752, 757 in 1992) to stop the genocide. By those resolutions, an economic blockade was introduced to Serbia. Even the next step to help Bosnia was made when American President George Bush issued an ultimatum to JNA (Jugoslav National Army) on April 15th 1992 to withdraw from Bosnia within 15 days, based on the Security Council resolutions. Note that this was very early, before any genocide had occurred, i.e. that might prevent genocide.

At that point Bosnian President Izetbegovic tied Bush’s hands by running to negotiations in Skopje with Serbian commander General Adzic, where he made the deal that JNA may stay in Bosnia but on the condition that it withdraws to the (undefined) "Serbian territories in Bosnia”. That deal prevented the military involvement of the West, because the "parties made a deal". That "deal" is exactly what enabled the genocide in 1992 and after to continue.

We Bosnians who closely watched diplomacy during the war derived the conclusion that the Bosnian side bears great responsibility because they diplomatically enabled genocide to continue by tying the hands of the world whenever it made a serious effort to help Bosnia. Also, remember after Clinton’s ultimatum to the Serbs, issued after the Sarajevo market place massacre, Izetbegovic negotiated a partial ceasefire, only around Sarajevo. This practically was a legalization of the siege of the city, after the USA issued an ultimatum to the Serbs to withdraw from Sarajevo. That cease fire meant that Bosnians could not attack to liberate Sarajevo from the blockade. By that deal, the American ultimatum to the Serbs was converted to their benefit. Also, remember how Bosnian president refused to accept unilateral American lifting of the Arms embargo for Bosnia in 1995.

It seems to me that by blaming the West for not doing enough, we are setting free from accountability the most culpable people, the Bosnian government, who participated diplomatically by preventing any meaningful intervention of the West.

I am not a researcher in the area of Bosnian war and genocide; I used to be mathematics professor and now, in the USA, I am an actuary. However, as a Bosnian I could not sit and watch and do nothing. I wrote a book that describes the big picture of what indeed happened in Bosnia, including how the Bosnian president was released from prison 7 years prematurely. He was sentenced to prison by the Bosnian patriotic government for his "anti-constitutional conspiracy". Izetbegovic was released from prison and set to power by the Serbian lobby in Bosnia right before the aggression.

My book is based on the actual Bosnian and world news networks at that time, and the proof that Bosnian government took part in genocide as a conspirator is circumstantial. We proved that the Bosnian government made wrong decisions 100% of the time, which could not be random.

Therefore, many papers are waiting to be published about the role of the Bosnian government in facilitating genocide in Bosnia by researchers who want to discover the truth and nothing but the truth and who are willing to search for other, not merely circumstantial evidence regarding the Bosnian government's involvement in the genocide.

2.2 Why the main organizers of genocide refuse to have defenders in Hague

One hypothesis is that the major war criminals, the ones who knew of the project, Milosevic, Seselj, Karadzic, defend themselves without defense attorneys in order to avoid the western lawyers from discovering the full truth, that will implicate Bosnian leaders as their allies in what happened. Even though such discoveries may help their own trial, they sacrifice themselves in order to save the greater Serbia project, which is now in the phase of legalization of the Serbian Republic created by genocide in Bosnia. The refusal to take lawyers by major players started after some of the evidence against Izetbegovic was uncovered by lawyers during the first trial of one of the big shots of the Serbian project in Bosnia, Momcilo Krajisnik. Note that Krajisnik's attorneys have proven that Isetbegovic gave a green light to Serbs to occupy southern part of Sarajevo.

The picture that we see now with Milosevic and Karadzic as the most responsible organizers of the aggression and genocide in Bosnia is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is the link to one part of my book where begins the description how Izetbegovic's "Muslim" government in Bosnia were set to power by Serbian communist rulers of post-Tito Yugoslavia

Muhamed Borogovac, Ph.D., ASA, MAAA

Boston, MA


3. Removing the "genocide denier" entry from resume

Good news is that Chomsky obviously wants to remove the 'genocide denier' entry from his resume. This is clear from the second paragraph of Herman-Peterson hack job where they state that HE never said anything to that effect and unlink him from Deichman and LM controversy.

Bad news is that, while Chomski never said anything like that, they believe, as it is plain from the subsequent paragraphs, that Ed Vulliamy is a partisan, activist journalist without integrity, and that all those things that Chomski never said, are indeed true. Their arguments are comic, it is stuff for Monty Python Flying Circus: ITN should have taken a picture of a guy with a beer belly, instead of that emaciated guy; ITN should have taken a picture from an angle that does not show the wire around the camp, just like the RTS did. In other words ITN is accused for not taking the Serbian point of view, like the Serbian state television, RTS, did. This is preposterous.

RTS journalists could have lost their jobs, if not worse, if they did not make Trnopolje look like an orderly and humanely run detention center.

ITN was not on Milosevic's payroll. They did not have any obligation to Milosevic's government. Yet, Herman-Peterson duet tells us that ITN was not objective, under an unproven conspiracy theory that they wanted to provoke the Western military intervention, while the RTS, which was controlled by the same people who run Trnopolje, was somehow objective?!

Ivo Skoric

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