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#635 INTL: Jelko Kacin and Bob Dole, two contrasting views of the Bosnian crisis‏

National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina


No. 635

October 25, 2009


1. Jelko Kacin and Bob Dole, two contrasting views of the Bosnian crisis

2. JUSTICE FOR FLORENCE HARTMANN (in English, na Bosanskom, text auf Deutsch, in het Nederlands, en Espanol, in Italiano)

Postovani gradjani Bosne i Hercegovine,

ovaj Glasnik saljemo na Engleskom da vas naoruzamo jednim reprezentativnim tekstom kojega mozete poslati do vaseg senatora, kongresmena, bilo kojeg drzavnika, ambasadora, ili do internet foruma.

Sto svijet prije sazna istinu o onome sto se stvarno dogadja u Bosni i Hercegovini vece su nam sanse da izvucemo domovinu iz izdajnickih kandzi. Bosna i Hercegovina je jednako i vasa domovina kao i nasa, i zato se svi trebamo potruditi da joj pomognemo, da je ne uniste u Butmiru. Dakle, posaljte ovu poruku od vaseg predsjednika, senatora, parlamentarca, ili mozda do internet foruma ili lokalne novine itd.

Ne zaboravite i da potpisete peticiju podrske Florence Hartman o cemu cete naci informaciju pod tackom 2. ovog Glasnika, na 5 jezika, ukljucujuci i Bosanski. (Imajte na umu da morate dati tacnu email adresu da bi mogli potvrditi vas potpis, inace vas potpis nece vrijediti.)


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1. Jelko Kacin and Bob Dole, two contrasting views of the Bosnian crisis

In negotiations on the future of Bosnia, the Bosnian side is not represented

On October 13, Jelko Kacin, member of EU Parliament from Slovenia, gave an interview to Sedin Cenan of Bosnian news web site , regarding the negotiations on the future of Bosnia in the Butmir military base in Sarajevo, in which he diplomatically implied that Bosniak politicians are not representing Bosnian interests. For example, his response to a question regarding Bosnian Serb politician Milorad Dodik's recent statements threatening secession of the "Republic of the Serbs":

"Sometimes it seems to me that I worry more about those statements than some who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for whom they are intended. That really worries me. It is not rational to observe what is happening and be indecisive in a Bosniak way, and simply wait to see what happens. The people of BiH must transform themselves from being the object of politics to being political actors, and demand for themselves a future in a sovereign BiH, future candidate for EU membership."

Ms. Doris Pack, another EU parliamentarian, has recently made a similar statement, published in the Bosnian language media, questioning why the Bosnian politicians are squandering a great effort by the US and Europe to help Bosnia by refusing that help.

Mr. Kacin and Ms. Pack are right that Bosniak politicians seem to go out of their way to squander opportunities to help Bosnia and it is not by accident or mere incompetence. They serve as Mr. Dodik's enablers and they work against the people that they represent and against the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They consistently fail to support truly good and productive EU and US initiatives, and they always settle down to the position of the "Republic of the Serbs" even though they do not have to. The truth is there are not two sides represented in the negotiations in Butmir. Ostensible Bosniak politicians are allies of Mr. Dodik and the "Republic of the Serbs" in continuing the project started by Milosevic of giving that ethnically cleaned half of Bosnia and Herzegovina statehood. Even as they realize their mission, they cover their tracks by continuing to blame EU and US mediators pressure and even threats, therefore blaming the EU and the US for supporting genocide by legalizing the results of genocide.

In past articles we have described the current dynasty of leading Bosniak politicians, starting with the deceased former BiH President Alija Izetbegovic, as being comprised of covert agents of former Yugoslavia's communist (and Serbian nationalist) intelligence and state police agencies, which Serbia now operates.

But it is worth discussing an illustrative example of how they work, in the story of the police reform package that was agreed to and passed recently. Europe had set three conditions for police reform:

1. Police budgets on state (and not entity) level,

2. No direct political influence on the police and

3. Police operational regions formed on functional principles (i.e. not based on entity borders which represent war-time front lines and pass through towns).

Those conditions were very good for statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and bad for the statehood aspirations of the "Republic of the Serbs", which still uses its police that committed genocide in Srebrenica, to intimidate non-Serbs and prevent their return.

Resulting from this European initiative, a reform with the above principles was adopted in the Parliament of the "Republic of the Serbs" entity, before Mr. Dodik came to power. However, Mr. Dodik wanted to back out of that first reform because he did not like that it respected the three conditions. He has said all along that securing RS sovereignty is important, and EU integration is not.

Mr. Dodik's stance on that question was not surprising to anyone.

However, some may have been surprised when Haris Silajdzic, Bosniak member of the Presidency of BiH, and seemingly most fiery protagonist of a unified and multi-ethnic and European Bosnia and Herzegovina, came to Mr. Dodik's aid by also backing out of that favorable reform and making a new one with Mr. Dodik. Their new agreement did not respect any of the three conditions, and the EU, which had been trying to force Mr. Dodik to honor the earlier reform, had no choice but to give up. Simply put, how can the EU press for a functioning, fair, multiethnic and honest police in Bosnia when Bosnians, including Mr. Silajdzic, agree that they want non-functioning, unfair, ethnic and corrupt police? European ambassadors simply noted that for purposes of European integration for Bosnia, a "second round" of police reform must be completed at some later time.

While there is widespread dissatisfaction with the Bosniak politicians in Bosnia, the Bosnian public has mostly blamed Europe and the US for appeasing Milosevic and later his followers in Bosnia, including Mr. Dodik. For example, they blame them for establishing the "Republic of the Serbs" and thus rewarding genocide in Dayton. They blame them for "blinking" in the face of Mr. Dodik by giving up on their own principles for police reform. Part of the reason for this is that Bosniak politicians (Serbian agents) such as Haris Silajdzic, Sulejman Tihic, Zlatko Lagumdzija, as well as Alija Izetbegovic before them, control the media in Bosnia, and use it to effectively hide their own complicity by blaming European and US mediators and governments, as being in charge, and not just mediating.

Yet this belief that the EU and the US have been engaging in appeasement of Serb nationalism at the expense of Bosnia is not just a Bosnian phenomenon. This view has been most recently and prominently sounded by Bob Dole, former US senator and candidate for President of the US from the Republican Party, in a Wall Street Journal opinion article dated October 23, 2009. We quote:

Today, Bosnia is again under threat. This time the threat is not from the brutality and immediacy of genocide. Rather, it is a more subtle menace: the prospect of a state weakened to the extent that it dissolves; leaves its people in separatist, monoethnic conclaves; loses all hope for democratic development; and validates ultranationalism. This is happening not on battlefields, but at the negotiating table. It is happening because, rather than strengthening state powers and drawing the recalcitrant Bosnian Serbs back into Bosnia, representatives of European Union member nations led by former Bosnia chief negotiator Carl Bildt are walking back parts of the 1995 Dayton Agreement that had put an end to the three-and-a-half year war that had torn the country apart.

The proposal U.S. and European leaders are working on, which was recently presented to the Bosnian parties, is insidious in two ways.

First, it proposes that almost all state property be given to the two ethnic-based entities in the country (Serbian and Federation, a coalition of Muslims and Croats). This would weaken the state and strengthen these entities. Slobodan Milosevic, the architect of the Bosnian genocide, had sought to do this very thing in the Dayton Agreement, but was rebuffed. Second, the proposal preserves "entity voting"—a provision in the Dayton Agreement that allows the Serbian parliamentary minority of 22% the power to veto almost anything in parliament they deem to be against their "entity's interest." Invoked by the Serbs hundreds of times, this veto has prevented Bosnia from passing basic laws regulating commerce and agriculture, and even generating tax revenue. On Oct. 14, the European Commission's 2009 Progress Report on Bosnia identified "entity voting" as a key obstacle to Bosnia's development. Yet European negotiators in Sarajevo are making no effort to alter or end it.

End quote.

Here we agree more with Mr. Kacin and Ms. Pack than we do with Mr. Dole, in that the primary responsibility lies with the Bosniak politicians rather than the EU and US mediators, high representatives and ambassadors. For example, entity voting is not on the agenda in the Butmir negotiations simply because the Serb and Bosniak politicians made it clear to the mediators that they are happy with it. And there is "broad agreement" around the negotiating table in Butmir that BiH state property should be given to the entities.

It is not surprising that Mr. Dodik and other negotiators for the "Republic of the Serbs" take these positions. They are known Serbian nationalists, in power due to Milosevic's demands and signature on the Dayton agreement, and they continue to implement the "Greater Serbia" ideology. That Bosniak politicians would also accept these positions in the negotiation sounds absurd, but it is true, and the reason is that Bosniak politicians do not represent the interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina as they claim to. Instead, they also represent the interests of Serbian nationalistic apetites on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Essentially, Serbia owns both negotiating sides, as the overt and the covert parts of the project to finalize its expansion into Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is criminal and it is against the wishes of the Bosnian people.

Whether the international mediators have known this or not, they have repeatedly facilitated this destruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Serbian agents, by providing cover and even an aura of legitimacy, for all the sham negotiations since and including Dayton. By their mere participation they have enabled Serbian agents such as Izetbegovic, Silajdzic, Tihic and Lagumdzija, and their media stooges, to publicly shift the blame for destroying Bosnia to the "world powers". They have also brought shame to their own countries, as evidenced by the contempt that Senator Dole has for the role of EU thus far in Bosnia. Just like the Bosnian people, Mr. Dole can only see that the EU politicians are involved, and the disastrous results.

Judging by these latest statements from Mr. Kacin and Ms. Pack, the EU is realizing what the game is. They can continue to play it, with disastrous results for Bosnia and for peace in Europe, or they can work to break the cycle by simply calling off these negotiations of the Serbian side with itself on the future of Bosnia. That alone would be welcome.

Beyond that, if there is will, perhaps the US and the EU can do what Mr. Dole urges: " ... employ bold measures to normalize the Bosnian state and stabilize the region". In our view, that could mean using the powers they hold as overseers of the implementation of the Dayton agreement, to mandate changes, rather than to suggest them.

An alternative "bold measure" is to proclaim the Dayton agreement invalid and thus restore the Constitution of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina which predates it. This can be done on legal grounds that we have detailed previously, and which we briefly and informally summarize in two points:

1. The Dayton agreement is illegal as it was never formally ratified as a new constitution by the parliament of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the rules for change of constitution of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (i.e. the constitution before Dayton).

2. The Annex VII of the Dayton Agreement was never implemented due to obstruction primarily from the "Republic of the Serbs" entity. That constitutes breach of the agreement, and the signing parties as well as those charged with implementation can annull it.

Finally, they can investigate the history and rise to power of the major infiltrators Izetbegovic, Silajdzic, Tihic, Lagumdzija and others, to look beyond their carefully constructed image of "good muslims" and "great patriots". Such an official investigation within Bosnia is currently impossible, but if the EU or the US initiated it, it would go a long way toward removing these foreign agents from power.

All of those things should be done by Bosnians, and not by the EU or US. But Bosnians are showing that they are completely defeated by these Serbian agents, and that they do not have the capacity to fully understand or to deal with their schemes. In the words of Mr. Kacin, Bosnians are currently "the object of politics", and unfortunately, Bosnia's foreign overseers seem like the only ones who can bring fair play back into this game.

Dr. Tarik Borogovac


For Bosnian readers, Mr. Kacin's interview:

Mr. Dole's article in the Wall Street Journal:


2. JUSTICE FOR FLORENCE HARTMANN (in English, na Bosanskom, text auf Deutsch, in het Nederlands, en Espanol, in Italiano)

Some months ago you committed yourself to safeguarding the future of International Justice by signing a petition in favor of Florence Hartmann. Thank you for your support.

Last September 14, we let you know about Florence Hartmann being found guilty. The slightly lenient verdict owes certainly a lot to your and some other 5000 signatories’ mobilization.

Finding Mrs Hartmann guilty is BASICALLY UNACCEPTABLE Thus she decided to appeal.

In order to support her in this procedure, LET'S SIGN AND HAVE THE PEOPLE AROUND US SIGN the attached new letter-petition. The Committee will mail it soon to the ICTY.

This letter is obviously tougher than the first one and most certainly the Tribunal will feel the expression of a harder and deeper disapproval of its action.

This is why it is so important that you confirm your commitment and sign it. Please send the Tribunal’s judges a “strong signal”: signal of your watchfulness of its potential diversions and signal of your commitment to the values of International Justice.

WE COUNT ON YOU: beyond Florence Hartmann’s case, the future of International Justice and the future of Peace are at stake indeed.


The Support Committee for Florence Hartmann

Please note:

• The letter is to be signed preferably on the website:

• If you’d rather sign it handwritten, please send it to: Mères pour la Paix - BP 40728 - 59657 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex – France. We will forward it to the ICTY.

• If you can have several people around you signing this petition, we’ll be glad to send you (e-mail or letter) the text of the petition and a grid to collect the signatures. Once again these documents are to be sent to Mères pour la Paix - BP 40728 - 59657 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex – France

• The petition is written in French and English on the website. But we’ll be glad to e-mail other versions such as Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, German, Italian or Dutch. Just ask at



Prije nekoliko mjeseci, pristali ste da potpisete peticiju za podrsku Florence Hartmann, na cemu vam se ponovno zahvaljujemo.

Iako je kazna bila ublazena zahvaljujuci vasoj podrsci i potpisima 5000 potpisnika, dana 14. septembra, obavjestili smo vas o optuzbi Florence Hartmann.

Osuditi Gospodju Hartmann je neprihvatljivo iz Principa. Zbog toga je ona predala zalbu.

Da bi je podrzali u njenoj zalbi, potpisimo i dajmo na potpis svima koje poznajemo, ovu novu peticiju, da bi je mi kao Drustvo za podrsku ponovo poslali TPI-ju.

Ovaj tekst, dosta znacajniji nego prethodni ce vjerovatno biti prihvacen od strane TPI-ja kao znak neodustajanja i velike podrske.

Iz tog razloga je jako bitno da potvrdite vas angazman potpisom : posaljimo jak znak sudcima TPI-ja, znak vase opreznosti prema ljudskim pravima i vrijednostima Internacionalne pravde.

Racunamo na vas : i pored slucaja Florence Hartmann, u igri su istinito buducnost Internacionalne pravde i mira.

Primite nase srdacne pozdrave,

Drustvo za podrsku Florence Hartmann.


• Peticiju je po mogucnosti bolje potpisati preko interneta na stranici : ;

• Ako prije zelite potpisati na papiru, mozete poslati potpisanu peticiju na adresu « Mères pour la Paix - BP 40728 - 59657 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex – France » ; Drustvo za podrsku ce je proslijediti TPI-ju.

• Ako budete mogli prikupiti vise potpisa, mozete nam napisati molbu da vam posaljemo peticiju sa mogucnosti potpisa vise osoba ; mi cemo ih proslijediti TPI-ju.

• Peticija je prevedena na engleski (na internet stranici), na bosanskom, srpskom, hrvatskom, spanjolskom, njemackom, talijanskom, holandskom, mozemo vam ih poslati preko maila. Mozete nam poslati molbu na sljedecu adresu:


Meine Damen und Herres,

vor einigen Monaten haben Sie angenommen, eine Petition zu unterschreiben, um Florence Hartmann zu unterstützen und um die internationale Rechtsprechung zu verteidigen. Wir bedanken uns dafür noch einmal.

Wir haben Ihnen mitgeteilt, dass Florence Hartmann am 14. September verurteilt wurde, auch wenn die relative Milde dieses Urteils sicherlich auf Ihr Engagement zurückzurufen ist sowie auf die 5000 gesammelten Unterschriften.

Frau Hartmann schuldig erklären ist im Prinzip unannehmbar.Aus diesem Grund hat sie Berufung eingelegt.

Um ihre Berufung zu unterstützen, unterschreiben Sie und lasse Sie die neue Bittschrift unterschreiben, die der Unterstützungsausschluss bei dem TPIY einreichen wird.

Der Inhalt dieses Textes ist deutlich stärker als der letzte und wird wohl vom Gericht als ein Zeichen einer Verhärtung der Missbilligung seiner Handlung eingesehen.

Deshalb ist es so wichtig, dass sie Ihr Engagement bestätigen,indem Sie annehmen, ihn zu unterschreiben. Senden wir den Richtern des TPIY ein starkes Signal, ein Signal Ihrer Aufmerksamkeit, und was seinen eventuellen
Amtsmissbrauch betrifft, ein Signal Ihres Festhaltens an den Werten der internationalen Justiz.

Wir rechnen mit Ihnen : ausser dem Fall Florence Hartmann ist wirklich die Zukunft der Internationalen Justiz und also des Friedens in Frage gestellt.

Herzliche Grüsse

Ihr Unterstützungsausschuss.-

Praktische Hinweise :

• Unterschreiben Sie am besten Online die Bittschrift auf der Web-Site:

• Wenn Sie lieber aufs Papier unterschreiben möchten, senden Sie bitte die Bittschrift an "Mères pour la Paix - BP 40728 - Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex France "; der Unterstützungsausschuss wird sie an Sie an den TPIY in grosser Zahl richten.

• Lassen Sie bitte zahlreiche Personen unterschreiben, dann werden wir an Sie ( per Mail oder post ) auf Wunsch die Bittschrift und eine Unterschrifttabelle auf der Rückseite zusenden; die unterschriebenen Petitionen werden auch MPP an die oben erwähnte Adresse gesandt.

• Die Bittschrift ist in Englisch ( auf der Web-Site ), Bosno-Serbo-Kroatisch, Spanisch, Deutsch, Italienisch und in Niederländisch übersetzt. Die Übersetzungen können auf Wunsch per Mail übertragen warden


Mevrouw, Mijnheer,

Enkele maanden geleden hebt u een petitie ondertekend om Florence Hartmann te steunen en het internationale recht te verdedigen. We willen u daar opnieuw voor bedanken.

We hebben u geïnformeerd over de veroordeling van Florence Hartmann op 14 september. De zekere mildheid die in het vonnis werd getoond, hoe betrekkelijk die ook was, is absoluut toe te schrijven aan het feit dat u, net als de ongeveer 5000 andere ondertekenaars, in actie bent gekomen.

Florence Hartmann als schuldig bestempelen is evenwel principieel onaanvaardbaar.

Ze heeft daarom ook beroep aangetekend.

Om haar bij te staan in het hoger beroep zal het steuncomité een nieuwe petitie aan het Joegoslavië-Tribunaal overhandigen. We willen u vragen deze tekst eveneens te ondertekenen en zoveel mogelijk mensen in uw omgeving dat ook te laten doen.

De nieuwe petitie is in aanzienlijk hardere termen geformuleerd dan de vorige. Zonder twijfel zal het Tribunaal hem zien als een verharding van de kritiek op zijn opstelling.

Daarom is het zo belangrijk dat u, door ook deze petitie te tekenen, opnieuw uw betrokkenheid toont. Laten we een krachtig signaal geven aan de rechters van het Tribunaal, een blijk van ons aller waakzaamheid over de mogelijke gevolgen voor het internationale recht van ook een veroordeling in hoger beroep.

Wij rekenen op u. Uitstijgend boven wat het voor Florence Hartmann persoonlijk betekent is de toekomst van het internationale recht en dus de Vrede in het geding.

Onze meest hartelijke groeten,

het comité voor steun aan Florence Hartmann.

Praktische informatie:

• wilt u de petitie, waarvan u bijgaand de vertaling vindt, alstublieft online tekenen? Het adres is

• als u liever op papier tekent wilt u de petitie dan sturen naar « Mères pour la Paix - BP 40728 - 59657 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex – France » het steuncomité zorgt er dan voor dat alles bij het Tribunaal wordt bezorgd

• bent u van plan een lijst van handtekeningen te verzamelen dan kunnen we u per post of email de petitie inclusief de vakjes waarin de handtekeningen geplaatst kunnen worden laten toekomen; u kunt de lijst(en) naar bovengenoemd adres verzenden.

• de petitie is vertaald in het Engels (zie onze site), in het Bosnisch-Servisch-Kroatisch, Spaans, Duits en Italiaans; als u ons mailt naar dan sturen we hem naar u op.


Señora, Señor,

Usted había aceptado firmar, hace unos meses, una petición para apoyar Florence Hartmann y defender la Justicia internacional; y nosotros se le agradecemos de nuevo.

Os hemos informado de la condenación de Florence Hartmann, el 14 de setiembre, aún cuando la clemencia parcial del veredicto debe ciertamente mucho a vuestra movilización y a todos los 5000 firmantes.

Declarar a la Señora Hartmann culpable es de por si inaceptable. Por consiguiente ha recurrido.

Para apoyarla en el recurso, firmemos y hagamos firmar ampliamente en nuestro entorno, la nueva petición, que el Comité de apoyo hará llegar al TPIY.

Este escrito es claramente más duro que el anterior y será sin duda recibido por el Tribunal como el símbolo de un fortalecimiento por la confirmación de su acción.

Esta es la razón por la cual es tan importante que usted confirme su compromiso aceptando firmarlo: enviemos “una señal fuerte” a los jueces del TPIY, señal de la vigilancia a sus eventuales deslices y de su apoyo a los valores de la Justicia Internacional.

Nosotros contamos con usted : más allá del caso de Florence Hartmann es verdaderamente el futuro de la Justicia Internacional y por consiguiente de la paz que están en juego.

Reciba nuestros muy calurosos saludos,

El Comité de apoyo a Florence Hartmann

Informaciones prácticas.

• La carta-petición (adjunta) se firma preferentemente en directo en la página siguiente: ;

• Si usted prefiere firmarla en un documento escrito, agradecemos enviarla por correo a “Mères pour la Paix - BP 40728 - 59657 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex – France ”; el Comité de apoyo hará los envíos conjuntamente al TPIY.

• Si usted puede hacer firmar a varias personas, os enviaremos conforme a su solicitud la petición y, en el reverso, un cuadro a rellenar con las diferentes firmas; las peticiones firmadas las pueden enviar a MPP a la dirección indicada en el párrafo superior.

• la carta petición está traducida en inglés (en el sitio), en bosno-serbo-croata , en español , en alemán,en italiano y en neerlandés.Podéis recibir las traducciones por mail , por simple pedido a


Signora ,signore,

avete accetto di firmare , qualche mese fa , una petizione per sostenere Florence Hartmann e di difendere la giustizia internazionale . Vi ringraziamo di nuovo.

Vi abbiamo informati della condanna di Florence Hartmann , il 14 settembre , tutta relativa del verdetto deve certamente molto alla vostra mobilisazione degli alcuni 5000 firmatari. Dichiarare. La signora Florence Hartmann colpevole è inacceltabile nel suo principio.

Percio' firmiamo questa lettera petizione che il comitato manderà al TPIY !questo testo è chiaramente più bravo del precedente e sarà ricevuto probabilmente dal tribunale siccome al segno d'un indurimento della riprovazione della vostra azione ,percio' , è cosi importante che confermavate il vostro impegno accetando di firmarlo;mandiamo un segnale forte ai guidici del TPIY, segnale della vostra vigilanza in quanto alle eventuali derive e dal vostro attaccamento ai valori della giustizia internazionale .

Contiamo su voi: al di là del caso di Florence Hartmann,questo è proprio l'avvenire della giustizia internazionale e dunque della pace che è in causa ricevete i nostri calorosi saluti , il comitato di sostegno di Florence Hartmann.

• la lettera petizione da firmare è sul sito :

• potete anche firmarla sul foglio e mandare all'indirizzo:"Mères pour la paix -BP 40728 -59657 Villeneuve d'ascq cedex - france."

• Questa lettera petizione è tradotta in inglese,in bosno-serbo-croato,in spagnolo,in tedesco, in italiano e in olendese. Questi traduzioni possono essere mandate su semplice domanda via la mail:

Comité de soutien - Support Committee


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