Thursday, December 4, 2008

#548 INTL - NO to the “Nightmare Ticket”

National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina

ONLINE NEWSLETTER - International, No. 548

May 13, 2008


1. NO to the “Nightmare Ticket”

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1. NO to the “Nightmare Ticket”

By Vahid Sendijarevic, Ph.D.

The aggressive media campaign to promote so called “Dream Ticket” of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is orchestrated by supporters of the Clintons with the objective to undermine Senator Obama’s central message of change and his chances to defeat Senator McCain in November.

This idea of the joint ticket was cleverly lunched for the first time by President Clinton with a single objective to disturb Senator Obama’s support base at the time when Senator Obama won 12 primaries and caucuses in a raw.

Mrs. Clinton's decision to stay in the race despite the fact that she has no reasonable chance to win nomination of the Democratic Party, her continuing attacks on Mr.Obama, her arguments that deliberately create a racial and class rifts in the Democratic Party and the U.S., only make sense if the Clintons’ objective is to tear apart the Democratic Party and to ensure victory for Mr. McCain in November.

If you are against this Nightmare Ticket please sign this petition and please make your own comments.

As a Bosnian American, I am very familiar with the Clintons' willingness to cross all moral boundaries in the interest of winning elections. My original homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was sacrificed with the Dayton agreement at the altar of Bill Clinton's second term election.

Against the principles of the International Law, a member nation of the UN, a victim of aggression, the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, was divided into two states. One of the two states "Republika Srpska" was created on the 49% of the Bosnian territory including Municipality of Srebrenica that was ethnically cleansed by the aggression and genocide in Srebrenica committed by Serbs.

The genocide committed in Srebrenica was the foundation on which „Republika Srpska” was created. With the Dayton Agreement, Clinton achieved all he needed; the Dayton Agreement was signed on time to remove reports from genocide in Srebrenica and Bosnia from the TV screens before the reelection.

It is easy to make peace by giving military dictators and war criminals what they want, but it is not a moral way to win elections.

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